The general conditions of sale are applicable to all the orders which are spent to the company Helyco, established in La rivière, 26400 Escoulin, France.
These general conditions of sale are the only applicable, with the exception of the general or particular customer conditions which Helyco would not have accepted expressly in writing.Helyco can modify the present general conditions of sale at any time, subject to creating these modifications on the www.helyco.com Web site. The on-line conditions at the time of the order stay of application for this order. The customer is supposed to have acquainted with it, to have accepted all the clauses and given up taking advantage of his conditions of purchase.

Unless stipulated in the particular conditions of helyco, the term of validity of our offers is of month.
Any order which will not have been preceded by a written offer of Helyco, will connect the company only if a written acceptance was sent by Helyco.

The prices are indicated in euro inclusive of all taxes.
These prices get except fixed participation at the expense of treatment (parcel shipping according to current amounts).
They take into account the applicable VAT in the day of the order. Any change of the applicable rate can be echoed on the prices of products. However the prices cannot be once modified the order of the customer validated.
Also, if one or several taxes or contributions, in particular environmental came to be created or modified, in increase as in decline, this change can be echoed on the sale price of present articles on the site of Helyco and documents of sale.
The prices indicated on the site are guaranteed for a period of on-line publishing and while stocks last.
The user will besides have to settle a lump sum corresponding to a contribution to costs of treatment of the order (except if he benefits from a special offer exempting him), which the amount will be specified on the order form before validation of this one. This participation depends on ordered products.

For the private individuals, articles are payable:

– On-line with order by bank card:
Credit card, e-cartebleue, Visa, Mastercard.

– On-line with your account PAYPAL:
By choosing the payment via PayPal, you are automatically managed on your account PayPal.
Once your payment Paypal was validated, you end your order on Helyco.com

– By check:
In that case, the shipping of the order will be made in reception of the check, to Helyco.

For the retailers invoices are to be settled in the head office of Helyco, at the moment of the order.
Any complaint relative to an invoice must be passed on in writing, in the head office of Helyco, a week calendar after its reception. In defect, the customer cannot dispute any more this invoice.

Except express guarantee given in the particular conditions, the delivery deadlines mentioned in the particular conditions are not deadlines. The responsibility of Helyco can be engaged only if the delay is important and attributable in its serious offence.
The customer cannot call upon the deadlines of execution to ask for the resolution of the contract, demand damages or exploit quite other demand, unless otherwise stipulated written expressly accepted by Helyco.

All the articles are subjected to a legal guarantee of conformity (L211.1 of the Code of the consumption) and a guarantee against the latent defects (articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil code) allowing him to send back defective delivered articles.
Safe in case of legal guarantee, any operation occurring between Helyco and the users, not disputed in 6 months, cannot give rise to a complaint.
It excludes the breakdowns bound to a bad connection of the device or to a non compliance with the note of use, to a shock, a defect of use or maintenance or in causes outside the material (lightning, water damages, etc.).

– article L211-4 consumption code
The salesman is anxious to deliver the good in compliance with the contract and answers defects of conformity existing during the delivery. He also answers defects of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembling instructions or the installation when this one was put at his expense by him

– article L211-5 consumption code
To be in compliance with the contract, the good owes:
1 to be appropriate for the custom usually expected from the similar good and, if necessary:
– Correspond to the description given by the salesman and possess the qualities which this one presented to the buyer in the form of sample or of modéle;
– Present the qualities for which a buyer can legally wait in consideration of the public statements made by the salesman, by the producer or by his representative, in particular in the advertising or the labeling;
2 Either to present the characteristics defined unanimously by the parties or to be appropriate for any special custom looked for by the buyer, carried in the knowledge of the salesman and that this last one accepted.

– article L211-12 consumption code
The action resulting from the defect of conformity lapses by two years as from the delivery of the good.

– article 1641 civil code
The salesman is held by the guarantee at the rate of the hidden defects

The present contract is subjected to the French law. In case of contesting concerning the application or the interpretation of this contract, the parties agree to look for an amicable solution. In defect, the courts within the competence of the Court of Appeal of Grenoble will be only competent.

This site is in accordance with the French legislation, and on no account, Helyco gives a guarantee of conformity to the local legislation which would be applicable to you, lors dices that you reach the site from the other countries.

General conditions of sales Revision: 0 Date: in September 01st, 2010 Helyco, La rivière 26400 Escoulin