Light the led (drawing 3). Seize the thrower in the right hand (or left if you are left-handed), pinch the end of the spatula of your Helyco between the thumb
and the index of the other hand.
Engage the hook in the rubber band of the thrower (attention : the hook necessarily has to face the hand which holds the thrower, if not mind your fingers !) (drawings 4 & 5)
Hold your right hand at the high of your face, no higher, the elbow folded to approximately 90 degrees, and the left hand stretches out the rubber band downward.
As you release the spatula, the right hand has to make at the same time a circular movement upward to accompany the launch and loosen the rubber band from the hook, the thrower staysin the hand which holds it (drawing 9).

If there is no wind, the shooting will be vertical. 
As the wind will increase, lift the shooting more or less towards the horizontal and always facing the wind so that it will return the helyco towards the user.
(drawings 6 & 7)

You can use your Helyco night or day, you don’t need to light the led daytime. Choose if possible a clear space (car park, sports ground …), Avoid high grass,
to be able to find your Helyco easily.

At night, the led allowsto localize it easily.

Ready to use

Your Helyco is readdy to use. It is specialy built to fall without damage.

There is no danger to catch it in your habns. You can play with the Helyco at any age but not fit under 6 years old.


After a lot of throwings, if your helyco falls without rotation, it will be necessary to print the folds of the wings again by pinching them very slightly to restore them to their original shape (drawing 1 and 2).

For really young children you can change the rubber band for a softer one. You can modifiy the effects of color: remove the wings of their support, make theme 180° revolve around the stalk of the body and re position.


You can imagine loads of different games with your Helyco.
Here are a few examples :

  • Throw and catch your Helyco with your hands without moving
  • playing with the strength of the wind
  • You can count the number of steps one has made to catch the Helyco, The winner will be the one who has made the least steps
  • You can also time the length of the flight from the time it is launched …

These examples are not exhaustive, think of as many as you want

Battery replacement

Remove the screw which maintains the small lid situated on the lighting case, delicately lift it with the end of a knife, remove the used batteries. (Do not throw them in the dustbin, put them in a special disposal bin).
Replace by new ones (equivalent References:
LR 41 / AG3 / 392A / LR736) by respecting the polarity in touch with the marking on the toy and to replace the lid and screw it.